Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Trivia

The turkey is now a carcass. The pecan pie reduced to crumbs. We've caught up with the lives of relitives and expressed thanks for blessings we've received.
Now is time for a little Thanksgiving trivia. Answers will follow.
When was the first Thansgiving?
Where was it held?
Who proclaimed Thansgiving as a national holiday?
What year?
What are the four most popular menu items? This should be easy.
How many pounds of turkey are consumed on average?
How many pounds of cranberries?
How many sweet potatoes?
How many pounds of pumpkins?
Name three cities named after the main course.
Approx. how many families celebrate Thanksgiving annually?
True or False: the day after Thanksgiving is sthe most popular shopping day in America.

Watch for answers. See how you did.

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