Saturday, July 26, 2008

Write On!

Writing is a passion! We are learning to write and write to learn.

The Agape Chapter of Inspirational Writers Alive meet in Groves this week. We heard a wonderful talk by Yvonne Sutherland, docent and researcher for the Port Arthur Historical Society. She shared many of her research techniques with us and some of her travel adventures.

Laurie, Debra and Melanie members of the Golden Triangle Writers Guild and I (behind the camera) meet once a month as a critique group. Other members were absent. We invite other writers to come and join us. Our goal is to become better writers.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Volunteering Gives Value to Life

What a blessing to help a young mother-to-be pick out baby items and diapers in the baby boutique.

I've been blessed to teach a parenting class for the Pregnancy center. I use a doll to discuss post-partum depression and shaken baby sydrome.

I refer to my book ,"Adopting Darrell", when I talk about child abuse and the loving option of adoption.

In another class, I teach literacy in infancy and the importance of parents teaching their babies skills that will make reading fun and easily learned.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

What a Week!

Thursday was a great day! I signed with Keith Casy of Emunah Books, to publish my first novel, titled "Beneath the Surface". We are now working on the cover design.

This is the story of a stay-at-home wife and mother of two, facing her fortith birthday. Catherine Cruz is gripped by an overwhelming desire to escape her hum-drum life. She takes an RV road trip not expecting to be confronted with secrets and lies she had held beneath the surface of conciousness. Can't wait to see it in print!

Do we look like we're having fun!

Golden Triangle Writers Guild meet Tuesday July 8, at Barns & Noble. 30 published authors, writers with work in progress and wanna-be writers with great ideas met for a question and answer session led by DJ.

Come join us every month on the Second tuesday

Sunday, July 06, 2008

July Fourth signings

Wildwood Resort July Fourth Celebration was a wonderful opportunity to meet people and to sign books.
Grandma's Ultimate Road Trip; Texas to Alaska &
Journal; John F. Weishampel, 1858-1995
were big sellers.
A rousing parade of decorated golfcarts and bicycles, laughing kids and happy residents and guests with red white and blue balloons and streamers led the day. Drifting clouds and a breeze releaved the heat under tall pines.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Another Update

My family was blessed by inheriting our great grandfather's journal that he kept during the Civil War. He was a book editor and publisher living with his family in Baltimore. His journal is a window into the past and provides insights into the struggle that could be gained in no other way.

updated site

Grandmas' Ultimate Road Trip; Texas to Alaska.
I celebrated my 60th birthday by driving the AlCan (Alaskan Highway) to volunteer at a camp for the summer. The experience was so powerful that I returned the following year, and a third time. Join my grandson and I as we travel 13,000 miles, and experience Alaska with the natives.