Monday, January 26, 2009

Debra Johnson, Speaker

I was fortunate to attend the 16th Beaumont History Conference last Saturday and hear a presentation by Debra Johnson titled "100 Years of Farming in Jasper County".

Debra, a fellow writer, critique partner and member of the Golden Triangle Writer's Guild is to be commended for reseraching and preserving the pioneering spirit of her family's ancestors who settled and made Texas their home.

She said that in 1910, blacks owned 15 million acres of farm land. 218,000 black farmers were full or part-time owners. Although the number has dwindled signigicantly their family farm, the Triple D Johnson Farm, has a 116 year legacy to continue the tradition of black land ownership and East Texas Farming.

Today the farm's cash crop is red and yellow meat watermellons, as well as vegetables, and fruits. She says she cans all the family needs and sells the rest.

Debra's display of artifacts and photos, as well as a family Bible, are testamony to her research.

I appologise to Debra for not having my camera!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Did you know?

President elect Obama has stated that one of his first acts will be to pass the FOCA (Freedom of Choice Act) that will permit abortion on demand until the day of birth with no restrictions.

Taxpayers would be now required to pay for elective abortions with tax dollars under Medicaid programs and in the military.

Babies could be aborted UP TO THE DAY OF BIRTH. The child would be delivered normally, all but the head, and then killed.

Informed consent laws giving women accurate medical facts will be overturned.

Parental notification laws would be nullified.

Laws requiring a waiting period would be eliminated.

Abortions would not have to be preformed by a licensed physician.

Doctors and nurses will be sued if they refuse to participate in abortions.

Hospitals will be forced to do abortions or be shut down.

Artificially implanted, cloned human embryos could be allowed to be carried to term.

There's more. See

Obama was born to a single, teenaged mother who chose life. Why does he disreguard Life?

Thursday, January 08, 2009

What a New Year

During the Christmas holidays my Mother and I took a road trip by RV to visit relatives in Florida. Mother wanted to visit cousins from Cuba where she was born. Many of these extended family did not speak much English. what a challenge to my limited SpanisCousin Armondo, his wife and daughter in Naples, Fla. with Mother.

Elsa and daughter, Marisol with Mother in Miami, Fla.

Cousin Rory, wife and son with Mother

in Miami.

My grandson, Devin, who volunteers at the Avian Rehabilitation Center near Orlando and an owl.
Grandkids, Hannah, Chelsea, Rachel and Devin in Apopka.

Grandsons, Kyle, and Ryan with cats.
My daughter and husband in Apopka, and daughter and son in Tarpon Springs managed to avoid the camera.
What a wonderful two weeks visiting with family. A great way to start the New Year.
Blogging is an ideal way to keep in practice writing.
Happy New Year to All.

rhat a New Yeat