Sunday, October 23, 2005

Grandma's on the Go

A single mom and her passel of kids hit the road with guts and gusto.

No one would begrudge this overloaded mother the right to stay put.

Yet, Carol Weishampel had an ironclad resolve to see the world--and take her motley brood with her.

A gutsy, determined Carol V. Weishampel combines her love for travel with parenting a passel of children as she progresses from primitive, tent camping to a series of motor homes--while providing a loving nest for her young charges.

Follow their adventures through 26 states, Canada, and Mexico as she and her kids dig for dinosaur bones, ride out storms, and explore God's creation. Under the tutelage of the resourceful Weishampel, even the inconveniences of flat tires and other roadside challenges become character builders for her fortunate young ones.

Grandma's on the Go is crammed with ideas, trip-planning tips, and other helps for the novice camper, experienced RVer, or armchair traveler.

You'll also be surprised by the ending. As the children begin leaving home and start having children of their own, Carol--now a grandmother--finds new meaning and purpose in what she learned on her earlier travels.

Be on the lookout for Grandma's third book, the sequel to Grandma's on the Go, Grandma's Ultimate Road Trip, Houston to Alaska, to be released July 1.

During her second adventure Weishampel journals her trip traveling with her grandson, Chris, through the Southwest, on the Inside passage ferry, and through Canada and the Yukon in her RV to volunteer for two months at a camp in Alaska.

Adopting Darrell

Who adopts special-needs or severely disabled children?

Single mom and author, Carol Weishampel, has reared 12 children and numerous foster children. Nine of her children she received through special-needs adoptions. She also has custody of her teen-age grandson. In her book, Adopting Darrell, Weishampel encourages special-needs adoptions, while exploring the devistation caused by shaken baby syndrome. This book is a must-read for anyone who loves children.

Carol Weishampel joyfully opens her heart and home to angelic-looking Darrell--a "shaken," abused baby whose horrific injuries leave him blind and retarded.
But adopting Darrell quickly becomes an hourly, uphill struggle, even for this seasoned mom and professional educator. This single parent and her other, subsequent adopted children literally are held hostage by Darrell's violent temper tantrums and untrainable behavior.

What difference can Weishampel possibly make in the life of this uncommunicative boy? What purpose do those such as Darrell have on earth? Weishampel's poignant search to answer these and other profound questions leaves a helpful legacy of hope for anyone who has ever loved a special-needs or severely disabled child.