Saturday, October 25, 2008

Volunteering in Galveston

My friend Mercedes and I joined Diaster Relief volunteers from many states to prepare and serve meals for Galveston residents and volunteer workers.
This photo is an overview of the feeding site at the airport on Oct 18, 2008. The tan buildings in the background are airplane hangers. Yellow tents housed the cooking facilities. Visible are pot washing areas, red cambros (food storage containers) and a Salvation Army feeding unit.

We served three meals daily to Salvation Army and Red Cross volunteeers as well as Security personel.

The photo on the left is of the canteen were volunteers were served. Salvation Army trucked meals to 15 permanent sites twice a day, while Red Cross sent 50 trucks on search and feed missions twice a day.
It was a blessing to see the vast number of workers cooperating and working together. We provided a surprise bananna split desert one evening.
From Sept 24 to Oct 18, 670,000 meals had been served!!

Signing at Escapees

Mother joined me at the Escapees RV Club head quarters at Rainbowsend in Livingston for a book signing.
Met lots of new folks and renewed friendships.
Sold several copies of each book, too.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Wheee! Look Who's 90!! (not me!)

Yesterday we celebrated my Mother's 90th birthday. She is sharing her cake with great granddaughter Julianna who turned seven.
We evacuated from Ike to Lake Charles to
stay with my brother and family. While there we were invited to attended a Keenager outing and fish fry at Dry Creek Baptist Camp. With coaxing and help, we got Mother into the Paul Bunyon's style rocker on the porch. Anyone having this much fun can't possibly be ninty years young!

Happy Birthday, MOM!!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Feeding volunteers

By the end of last week, Southern Baptist Diaster Relief, feeding units had decreased as most families in Beaumont had electricity and no longer needed hot meals.
One of the Feeding Units from Washington State was reassigned to First Baptist Church in Vidor where I joined them to cook for other volunteeres.

Here we are serving three meals a day to around a hundred volunteers. These men and women from around the U.S. are with chain-saw units and mud-out units. The teams are goining into the community to cut trees and clean the homes of people who need help.
Laurie and Vernon from Southern Baptist Diaster Relief from Washington State and Betsy with New Jersey Red Cross are precious new friends who volunteered time away from their families to help us. Thanks to you all. I'll never forget our friendship and your willingness to give of yourselves.

I just learned that the March of Dimes is available to aid families with infants. If you know of a need contact the Hope Pregnancy Center at 4009-898-4005.