Saturday, October 25, 2008

Volunteering in Galveston

My friend Mercedes and I joined Diaster Relief volunteers from many states to prepare and serve meals for Galveston residents and volunteer workers.
This photo is an overview of the feeding site at the airport on Oct 18, 2008. The tan buildings in the background are airplane hangers. Yellow tents housed the cooking facilities. Visible are pot washing areas, red cambros (food storage containers) and a Salvation Army feeding unit.

We served three meals daily to Salvation Army and Red Cross volunteeers as well as Security personel.

The photo on the left is of the canteen were volunteers were served. Salvation Army trucked meals to 15 permanent sites twice a day, while Red Cross sent 50 trucks on search and feed missions twice a day.
It was a blessing to see the vast number of workers cooperating and working together. We provided a surprise bananna split desert one evening.
From Sept 24 to Oct 18, 670,000 meals had been served!!


goooooood girl said...

Feel good......

LKHarris-Kolp said...

They are lucky to have you guys volunteering. I'm sure it has been an experience to write about.