Friday, October 03, 2008

Feeding volunteers

By the end of last week, Southern Baptist Diaster Relief, feeding units had decreased as most families in Beaumont had electricity and no longer needed hot meals.
One of the Feeding Units from Washington State was reassigned to First Baptist Church in Vidor where I joined them to cook for other volunteeres.

Here we are serving three meals a day to around a hundred volunteers. These men and women from around the U.S. are with chain-saw units and mud-out units. The teams are goining into the community to cut trees and clean the homes of people who need help.
Laurie and Vernon from Southern Baptist Diaster Relief from Washington State and Betsy with New Jersey Red Cross are precious new friends who volunteered time away from their families to help us. Thanks to you all. I'll never forget our friendship and your willingness to give of yourselves.

I just learned that the March of Dimes is available to aid families with infants. If you know of a need contact the Hope Pregnancy Center at 4009-898-4005.

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Debra Harris-Johnson said...

God bless you and all the other angels that helped out. The proceeds from the sale of the anthology I am trying to get together will go to GTWG of course but two other non-profits that helped during any of the hurricanes. I want it to be local. Church group, organizations like that so please give us some insight on that.