Sunday, July 20, 2008

Volunteering Gives Value to Life

What a blessing to help a young mother-to-be pick out baby items and diapers in the baby boutique.

I've been blessed to teach a parenting class for the Pregnancy center. I use a doll to discuss post-partum depression and shaken baby sydrome.

I refer to my book ,"Adopting Darrell", when I talk about child abuse and the loving option of adoption.

In another class, I teach literacy in infancy and the importance of parents teaching their babies skills that will make reading fun and easily learned.


The Voice said...

It is a blessing to be in all aspects of an infant's life, especially if you can educate the parents before the child is born. I have wanted to volunteer at the Hope Center, but have always been tied down with my home center. Even so I have parent meetings and share whatever I can with my parents. I even have a web page for my center-- and have started a new blog (Friday)titled The Daycare Review--
Well, keep on being a blessing.

LKHarris-Kolp said...

What a fresh of breath air you must be to those girls! They are truly blessed to have you at their center. I might be interested in volunteering there after school starts.