Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hope Women Clinic Gayla

Hope Women's Clinic of Beaumont hosted a fundraiser Gayla, Nov. 11, 2008. Over 400 attended the event at the Elegante Hotel.

Guest speaker was W. Paul Young, author of "The Shack". He spoke of himself as an "accidental writer", because he wrote this book as a gift for his children. He planned to print 15 copies at Office Depot.
He was rejected by 26 publishers, and self-published with two friends. Today "The Shack" has been on the best seller list for 24 weeks, has sold 4 million copies and is in 35 languages.
"The Shack" is true, but not real." Young says, explaining that it's his interpretation of the human soul. God cares about each one of us from conception.

Sally, the mother of adorable Malachi, spoke about her son who was diagnosed before birth with down syndrome and serious heart problems. She refused doctor's suggestions to abort. Sally and Malachi's daddy, Chip, put baby Malachi into God's hands. Today he is a happy toddler, walking, talking, singing, and a blessing to all who meet him.
Pres. Bush has signed into law a bill that requires parents of unborn babies diagnosed with Down syndrome, spina bibida, cystic fibrosis and similar maladies to be provided the latest info. on the condition and be informed on services available. A registery of families willing to adopt special-needs children will be established.
Texas lawmakes propose a bill that would require women who want to abort to be required to listen to the heartbeat and get ultra-sound images before undergoing the procedure.
Does the mom-to-be who goes in for an abortion know that the "blob of tissue" that gave her a positive pregancey test had a heart beat? Had she seen an ultrasound image of her baby? Would she choose abortion if she'd been honestly informed?
Planned Parenthood of Houston has purchased a 6 story building in southwest Houston where an entire floor is to be dedicated to third term, partial-birth, abortions. Babies who could live. Houston is the third largest abortion provider in the nation now, and soon will be the largest.
More babies are aborted daily in the United States that the number of people killed in 9/11.
What you believe counts.

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LKHarris-Kolp said...

You are such an inspiration- they are lucky to have you working for such an important cause.