Sunday, November 15, 2009

Scouts and Sutherlands


Saturday, Nov. 14, was a busy day for Boy Scout Troop 221 and Webelo Pack 221.
Sutherlands Lumber Yard and Hardware Store on College in Beaumont hosted a tremendous Fund Raiser for the the boys. Sutherlands provided hotdogs, drinks for the boys to sell, and balloons and American flags to give away.

The boys worked in three to four hour shifts, with Bryan working eight hours. At 8:30 pm he was still going strong. I was not at the sale for the entire 13 hour sale so my photos are limited.

They are having fun, feeding the masses and earned money for camping.

The last photo is an Inookshook. The rock construction is native to Canada and was a means for Natives to communicate directions. I made this one from Alaskan rocks (and super glue).

Watch for Inookshook. It is the symbol for the Winter Olympics to be held in Vancouver, British Columbia. Don't you wish you could go? I do.

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