Saturday, November 21, 2009


Confession. I didn't double check the spelling of this fascinating rock sculpture. When reading You are Here, I discovered my mistake. Who knows how the Inuit culture, native to the extreme Northwest, would have spelled it if they had a written language.
These stone sculptures were built to resemble humans and were usually placed on high ground with their arms pointing toward shelter.
Some strings of Inukshuks were built so that peering through a hole in one would lead to the sighting of another.
Sometimes they were used as icons to represent departed family members.
They may have even acted as a kind of scarecrow to influence the movement of caribou herds.
In addition to navigation aids, they go beyond being simple landmarks as they are imbedded in story telling.

When you see this symbol for the winter Olympics. You will be well informed and fascinated as I am.

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