Friday, April 24, 2009

Expect to be Empowered!

A Venture in Faith Texas to Alaska, A Road Trip to Recovery, my first contemporary Christian novel has been released by Publications Consultants, Anchorage, Alaska.

Writing non-fiction was a challenge, but after four published books creating fiction has been, and is, a demanding and stimulating undertaking.

Excerpt from the back cover:

"Stalked by her abusive ex-husband and in fear for her life, Leah Gray plans an escape. Leah's faith in God and in humanity shatters when she is forced out of her comfort zone. She secretly purchases a used motor home as a mobile hide-out and prepares to pursue a search for a meaningful life.

Intrigued by her father's stories of building the Alaska Highway, Leah determined to flee into the Alaska wilderness. On her road trip from Texas to Alaska she encounters empowering women who encourage her on her road to self discovery. Leah's fear of men intensifies when she is forced to trust Barrett, an Alaskan mountain man. Can Leah stop running and find healing and love, and return to her faith in God?"

For intrigue, romance and an Alaskan experience, A Venture in Faith is a read that is hard to put down. Available at local bookstores, and from the author.

Follow my blog as I travel back to Alaska for book signings, and to volunteer.

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The Voice said...

Congratulations. Wow, this is outstanding. Will you do a day to day blog while doing your book signing?
Oh, and your links aren't working.