Friday, April 03, 2009

Art in the Park

Sat. March 28th was the annual Art in the Park in beautiful downtown Orange. The skys were clear. The temp in the very low 40s with high gusty winds and a chill facter that felt like zero. Mother helped man my book booth until the cold and wind forced her inside. The wind blew several tents over.

The young ladies below took shelter in empty Waste Management boxes.

A Barbershop Quartet braved the cold to doff their jackets and sing for us.

Due to the weather the shopping crowds were thin. The beautiful Stark Mansion and other historical building added to the fun.

With paintings, sculpture and jewelry, as well as a variety of other crafts, I heard that there was only one other author on the opposite side of the park. Is reading becoming an eccentricity?

Interrupted narative is common: ie TV movies rudely split by commercials. Has the silicon chip interfeared with our ability to consentrate on reading? iPods, BlackBerrys, and email slang has broken narrative into shorter and cruder sequences. Can our brain endure sustained reading?

I, and all writers, certainly hope so.

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Debra Harris-Johnson said...

The other author was Sylvia Dickey Smith and she was pushing her new book "dead Wreckoning." On her blog she said she sold every book she had. I would jump over a t.v. set to get to a good book. What is wrong with these "chip" head battery addicted people?