Monday, August 11, 2008

Writers are readers

My computer's been in the shop so I'm late with this blog.
Tropical storm Euardo was as bust, but I couldn't take a chance, so my computer was unplugged. (It got a virus later) Time to curl up with a book, except that Frizbee wanted attention, too.

We writers must be avid readers to know what's going on in the world of publishing. Whether we read non-fiction to verify details and facts, or fiction to suggest character traits, strengthen plots or to inspire dialog, writers are critial readers, often spotting editing and author errors. Don't those bug you?

My lastest women's contemporary fiction is set in Alaska so I've been reading Alaska stuff. Imagine a heroine driving to a remote bush village north of the Arctic circle. No way! No Roads! Enough to make me throw out the book. Another fiction was written by someone who has never been north on Montana. Is research lacking?

I've driven to Alaska three summers to work as a volunteer and make copious journal entries, taken lots of photos, collected picture post cards., and added to my research library. All tax deductible.

Frizbee's not bored he's just resting his eyes.

Writers must be readers, critical readers. Writers read on!

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LKHarris-Kolp said...

Ooh- Frizbee's so cute! A great companion to cuddly up with when reading, I'm sure.

I agree with you. Writers must be accurate with their info. and edit their material closely if they want to impress the reader.