Friday, December 04, 2009

Volunteer at the prison

This is as close as I ever want to get to a prison. The sky was clear and cold, Thurdsay, Ded. 3. I was on the shadowed side of the razor wire. Unfortunately the wire doesn't sparkle in the photo as it did in the sun. that morning. Fortunately, I don't have to look at it 24/7.

About 50 volunteers worked Wednesday night at the grills and Thursday to provide free meals for the employees and staff of the state prison units between Beaumont and Port Author.

This ministry of love was in conjunction with Bill Glass, an NFL football player-turned-evengelist, and his Champions for Life Ministry.

Rodney Barnett, an evangelist with Urban Harvest Ministries, is one of the event coordinatior. He and his volunteers decided to repay the community by providing the free meals, over 5,600 boxed lunches, to the prison guards and employees. While Bill Glass and his team spoke to groups of prisoners.

These three grills and several others were kept smoking all night and day by volunteers, preparing the endless trays of giant hotdogs.

We organized styrofoam camshells and filled them with hot dogs, buns, potato salad and ranch beans.

Two meals were then stacked and bagged with eating utinsels and condiments. The first shift of employees, who got off work at 5 a.m., received their meals as they drove toward the gates.
Others received their meals as they left at the end of their shifts through out the day.
Where do you put 5,600 "to-go" boxes? On top of one another, three bags high. The weather was very cool, even out of the wind in the tent. but soon busy volunteers began to shed jackets as they warmed up to the job.

It isn't often that I photograph a celeb.
The man with the camera is Ken Fountain a reported with the Beaumont Enterprise.
Ken wrote a nice article that was featured in the paper on Friday.
Thank you Ken and Enterprise.

This volunteer oportunity was a new experience for me. Volunteering makes a difference.


Debra Harris-Johnson said...

Great pictures. God bless you and all that helped with this ministry.

The Voice said...

Yes, volunteering is definitely a way to get over yourself.