Tuesday, December 22, 2009


This week boy Scout Troop 221 in Beaumont has been in the Christmas Spirit and Celebrating by Giving back to the community. December 14, the boys loaded up over 200 donated books that they had collected with the Beaumont Association of Retired Teacher.Our first stop was to unload boxes of books for Family Services shelter in Beaumont. We had discussed the residents' need for confidentiality, so did not meet any of the children living in the shelter. However one of the boys said that two kids from his school got off his school bus here.
What a great opportunity for a discussion on being thankful.

The Scouts presented the books to the shelter manager who will give them to children for Christmas.

Leaving Family Services, the Scouts went to Boys' Haven with more books, hamburgers and drinks for an impromto party.
Initial shyness was soon forgotten as the two groups of boys ate and played silly games.

These older boys were delighted to receive age appropriate young adult books. One young man carried an arm load to his room, promising to share as soon as he'd finished reading each one.

Friday, December 18, the Scouts put on plastic aprons, rubber gloves and big smiles to help at the 19th Annual Feast of Sharing Holiday Dinner, held at Ford Park.

Our volunteer assignment was to bus tables and help with clean up. 4,000 meals had been served from 4:00 to 7:00 pm. The hall was decorated with balloons and Christmas greenery. Inflatable bouncy things and games entertained the children. Many of the dinner guests had ridden city buses from downtown.

The boys made the messy work of bagging trash into fun as they tried to pull packed plastic bags from the trash cans.

Even the heavy labor of taking down tables and stacking chairs gave the Scouts an opportunity for fun.

Thanks to HEB's spirit of sharing the season with the community, our boys were able to share in giving.
Christmas is the Season and Jesus is the Reason, for God gave His Son to save us from sin.
Let us all remeber to give back.

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LKHarris-Kolp said...

What wonderful things your grandsons are doing in the spirit of Christmas giving! I know you must be so proud. We're going to the hospital to share joy. Merry Christmas.