Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Week of August 9-15, 2009

This week has been cooler and with some rain. We added layers of leaves, dog hair donated by Sassie and Lady Jane, and bags of rabbit fertilizer donated by friends from church. They even brought the bags of droppings to us. Later we added a bale of hay and covered the garden to "cook"

Lynne took pictures to document that I really do clean the bath houses. We do this on a regular basis, between camps and will do a final cleaning before closing camp for the winter.

After all that work we took several children to the local "Dairy Queen" for ice cream. Alaska has the highest rate of ice cream consumption per capita of all the states. Why's that?

Dale and Levi are still working on the side of the church. Almost done!

Lynne and I attacked the gravel driveway to dig a trench for an electric cable.

Dale, with the help of Lady Jane, layed the cable that we then covered up.
Early Wednesday morning with a clear cloudless sky, I traveled the almost 400 miles from Delta Junction to Wasilla, north of Anchorage. Lynne and Dale will be following next week when the church is completed.In Anchorage I held three book signings, but without Lynne to take pictures, I don't have any to post. The first signing was in the rain under a pavillion at the Golden Nugget RV park. There were several other authors there.
On Friday I signed at the BX on Elmendorf Air Force Base, and on Saturday at Borders in Anchorage.
Saturday morning early, I visited the Anchorage weekend market. Hundreds of venders erect tents on a parking lot that was built after the 1965 earthquake lowered the street and buildings four feet.
On Sunday I attended services at this church. It was holding services on the the Laverne Griffin Youth Camp grounds when I first attended in 2002.

I'm sending this from the McDonalds parking lot in Wasilla. This mornings temp was 45 with sun. It is now 86! Where is winter?

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The Voice said...

I love the way you set-up this post. Sorry I didn't comment days previously, just thought I would get back sooner. Have fun, don't work too hard.