Monday, August 03, 2009

Time off!

Ok I goofed. some how I added this picture of my booth at the fair at the beginning instead of the end and then doubled it instead of deleting it. Oh well, I'm still learning.
Enjoy the blog!

Although we had no youth campers this week, our work never ended. Dale and Levi are rebuilding the back side of First Baptist Church, Delta, because the high winds have driven so much sand against the original logs that the building is deteriorating. The winds have been extremely strong, up to 60 mph, almost every day for the past month. Smoke from wildfires often stings our eyes.While on our weekly excursion to the library to send emails, we saw this huge RV. It is German made and carries 26 German tourists with places to sleep in the tiny cell like beds by the windodws.

Last Saturday the three of us picked blueberries in a burned out area. Here we are sorting and washing the berries.

We made batches of blueberry and blueberry/rhubarb jam.

If you are are on my "friends" list I'll share blueberry jam, fireweed jelly, raspberry vinegarett or fireweed honey with you!

We made friends with the agriculture agent who gave us some rhubarb root stock for the camp.In addition to our weekly (sometimes daily) visits of the young male moose, we've been blessed to see a great grey owl. (The picture is a little fuzzy). There is a nest of young gyrfalcons who are now flying around the camp, and we've seen hawk owls.

The Deltana Fair is a social event for Delta. Held Friday with high winds, Saturday with a low of 32 degrees, and Sunday with sun and a high of 80., we had fun with a book signing booth.
Here are two little boys in a mini-tractor pull.
I'd never witnessed a tractor pull before. The Powderpuff pull with lady drivers was a hoot.
In our "off" time, Lynne and I completed some crafts projects and entered the fair.
All of our enteries won a ribbon. My loon wall hanging, made from birchbark, lichens and dried flowers, won a blue ribbon and championship ribbon.

This beaded loon wall hanging won a blue.

The large loon quilted wall hanging won a red ribbon. The quilt competition inspired many excellent entries.

My little birch bark bird house earned a blue ribbon.

Lynne created a t-shirt quilt using t-shirts from her many missions trips surrounded with Alaska themed fabric. She won a blue ribbon for her first quilt.

Lynne's two beautiful birch bark baskets both won blue ribbons and championship ribbons. Way to go girl!

Saturday, we watched in awe as a seven year old Native girl performed with hoops. Then her grandfather, a 65 year old Indian from Seattle danced with the hoops, after he had been dancing for nearly an hour. The anouncer said that Indian dancing was Native arobics. The man was in excellent physical condition and quite agile.

These Russian ladies, and the many locals made for a colorful parade of fair goers. People watching is such a fun activity at a fair.

Back to work. We have campers arriving this afternoon.

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LKHarris-Kolp said...

I love the hoops- that must have been so neat to watch. I hope you are thinking about using this great experience in your next book!

Miss you!