Wednesday, July 01, 2009

kinder-second graders camp

This is a photo I took of a post card I found after Summer Solstis. It was taken above the Arctic Circle by time lapse photography as the sun was setting and then rising. The black shapes in the foreground are boats.
Dale, assisted by Levi, put the finishing touches on the pavillion rafters in preparation for the metal roof.

We cook and serve our first young campers, kids who have completed kindergarten through second grade.

Kids love water even when the temperature is in the 60's and there is a wind chill factor much lower. The game here is to soak the counselors and each other with buckets of cold water in a game of tag. And of course there is a water slide.

Having fun inspite of shivers!

Mrs. Noah (me, in costume) and Sassie read "Mrs Noah's Journal" to the children and discuss Noah following God's command to build an ark. Were dinosaurs on the ark?

Mark, the program director builds an evening campfire for singing, stories, fun and games...

and of course, S'mores.

Campers and their college-aged counselors pose for pictures before returning home. We'll miss them.

Saturday,I joined Levi, Jessica, Dale, Alex and Bryan on a fishing trip to Valdez. No, I don't fish but I wanted to visit this bayside (Prince William Sound), mountain side village where the Alaskan oil pipeline terminates.
We left Delta at 5 A M for the 5 hour drive in drizzle and rain. Crossing the Thompson Pass, the sun burned off the clouds and fog to present us with a beautiful sunny sky.
However, the fish weren't biting. I was disappointed for the fishermen, but I enjoyed the mountains and rocky coast and clear, cold water surrounding this tiny village. The winter temperature here doesn't get much below freezing, but they receive many feet of snow.

After eating at a dock side cafe, we explored the docks and marveled at the variety of large fishing boats, both private and commercial.Texas gardeners, we are put to shame. Take a look at these Alpine lupines (Texas bluebonnets)growing in Valdez.

With all the flower pictures I've made, I finally was able to photograph the For-get-me-not, the Alaskan State flower.

As we climbed back up the pass through the Wrangle/St Elias Mountain Range, we stopped to photograph the Bridal Veil Falls (right),
and the HorseTail Falls (left). Brave climbers near the lower foot of Horsetail falls are such tiny specks that they cannot be seen.
I hope readers are not tired of moose tales. After returning to Delta at 10 PM I was tired and fell asleep quickly. But Sunday morning, Frizbee, my cat woke me by standing on me and staring out the rear window of the RV. There, within yards of my back window, was a moose browsing on the willows. I took several pictures through the window, not daring to open the door and scare it off. I wondered if this was one of our mama mooses and if she had a calf bedded down in the thicket.

Sunday after church we were off again to Fairbanks, Wal-mart and Sams to restock for next week's camp. Lynne's leg is still bothering her so she commands the grocery train, with Dale pushing one flat bed, while pulling another. We're ready for another week of kids, cooking, cleaning, ministry and fun.

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