Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July 6-10 5 &6th graders

Another week of excited campers, fifth and sixth graders from Fairbanks and locally. The boy in camouflage below is the only kid who stopped long enough for a picture. They play capture the flag and other hiding games in the forest at night after supper. It's still light all night long.
Dale dug this hole, now lined with plastic and filled with water, as the base of a water slide. Next week I'll have pictures of it in use. Kids of all ages love water no mater how cold the air is.

I helped these girls with their crafts.

This group of girls are creating journals to go into the Christmas Boxes and other journals to use as autograph books.

Ooops, I loaded this picture twice and can't figure out how to delete it.

Our counslers get into the fun. Here some of the girls are preparing to hide for the game of "find the counselor".

Party time!

Lynne and I found time to cut fireweed bloom stalks in preparation for making fireweed jelly. Back at camp we picked the blossoms from a packed five gallon bucket of stalks to make 16 cups of washed flowers.
After washing the flowers they were boiled and strained to release deep fushia colored juice. We added lemon juice and lots of sugar, boiled the sirup into jelly. Umm. I'm bringing some home to share.
The kids were shocked at dinner one night as they were randomly assigned unusual kitchen utinsels as eating impliments. They're having a great time and cleaned their plates of moose meat loaf, mashed potatoes, peas, hot yeast rolls and mud pie.
The last breakfast before returning home, these ladies would have prefered going back to bed, since they had stayed up until after 3 AM.

I have met some fascinating folks this summer. Manu and Phie from Austria were checking their email at the picnic table outside the library. They had begun a bicycle trip in Anchorage, had toured Denali, visited Fairbanks and were on their way through Tok and Canada to the Lower 48. Their plans are to travel through the US and South America to Terra del Fuego, a trip that will take them one and a half years. God Bless them and give them safty.

Friday we attended the wedding of Levi, the youth pastor of Delta's First Baptist Church, and Jessica of Fairbanks. Jessica's mother is Filipino and since there were quite a few Filipino guests the wedding was held in a pavillion at the Pioneer Park.
When told he could kiss the bride, Levi knelt down and kissed Jessica's foot! What a way to show his love.
As a resessional, the exuberant couple skipped down the aisle to "Hot diggity, dog diggity, oh what you do to me!"

Jessica and Levi had arranged for a Polynesian/Filipino dance troup to entertain us during the buffet reception.

Wonderful food, terrific dancers and a most blessed wedding, Alaskan style.
God Bless you both, Levi and Jessica.

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LKHarris-Kolp said...

How wonderful to witness a wedding- and the groom kissed the bride's feet? I wonder if that means he'll give awesome foot massages?