Monday, June 08, 2009

Vacation Bible School in Delta

Monday, June 1, the first day of Vacation Bible School was clear and cool (about 45). This view of the Alaska Range is outside the back door of First Baptist Church, Delta. What a way to start the day!
VBS theme is Boomerange Express. Do you like my outfit? Story telling kept the little wigglers reasonable quiet as they waited for others to finish.

The teens tie-dyed T shirts. An old favorite from my hippy days.

We had crafts projects every day for all kids grades Pre-K through 6th grade

Early one morning Lynne and I stopped to transplant wild sweet peas from the road side to our flower garden.
Are you tired of moose stories yet? I'm not. This mama moose is grazing outside the camp gate- the pipe structure in the left back ground. She moseyed into to the forest followed by a yearling. Yesterday we saw a large bull moose with new-growth shovel shaped antlers. He was in a field near the road. Could a new calf be on it's way?

In preparation for the construction of an open pavillion, Levi the youth pastor and two of the teens, Alex and Jay dug four three-foot deep holes for concrete forms. Once past the rock, the soil is loess, glacial silt and humus. They clobbered mosquitoes with the back swing.

VBS was held every day until noon, then we changed hats and became construction workers.
Holes dug, forms in place and time for the cement truck. Dale is assisting and Lynne supervising.
I'm helping Dale set, line up and level the bolts in the cement for the metal posts that will follow.

I reviewed my Boy Scout skills and used a double-bladed ax to cut birch roots from the hole we dug for the new fire pit which will be in the center of the pavillion.

Sunday morning during the service, several of the 50 children who had attended VBS gave us a rousing performance of some of their favorite songs.
And the work goes on. Lynne and I painted the beams that bolt to the cement piers, that went into the holes that the boys dug.
Will the pavillian be raised by next week's blog? Stay tuned.

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LKHarris-Kolp said...

This reminds me SO MUCH of your book- "A Venture in Faith"- do you feel the same? I'm waiting for more similarities.