Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June 8-14 2009

Monday, Tuesday and for most of the week Lynne and I and anyone else we could corral shoveled, raked and spread gravel.

Dale would not let me drive the fork lift, but he did give me a ride.

Kitchen duty included mixing 11-12 pounds of ground moose, buffalo, beef and pork sausage to make 6 huge meat loaves for the freezer.
In addition to cleaning the bath houses, we cut heavy rubber mats for the floors.

Dale enjoyed operating the fork lift. Here he is raising the first trusses to the sill of the new pavillion.

He's a master of all trades. Having fun, Dale?

Dale climbs like a monkey to add the other supports for the roof. He insisted that Lynne and I stay off the roof.

In the last few days the wild roses, iris and fireweed have begun to bloom. The forest floor and open areas have a surprising number of tiny delicate flowers.

Ryan brought the CAT and welded brackets for the new painted signs

I made my specialty, Dutch Oven apple cobbler, in the new fire pit. Ummm.
On Sunday, June 7th, Shawn, a volunteer from North Caroline, arrived at the Fairbanks Airport. He spent the week working with Dale on the pavillion. Haven't they done a great job? He flew home on Sunday. Thanks Shawn!

A group of youth came to camp for fun, food, music and ministry. Here they are playing Frisbee in the rain.

Saturday, Lynne and I braved the 45 degree, drizzle to participate in a crafts fair. I sold several books. We also sold enough baskets to add to the scholorship fund. We met several Alaskans who shared their experiences with us.Today I'll end with a photo of the new entrance gate. This week, I've come to the library twice before being able to get the blog up. Don't give up on me. I'll try to blog at least once a week.

It's starting to rain and the temp as dropped from mid 80's to 65.

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Debra Harris-Johnson said...

YOU ARE A SAINT! Wow what an accomplishment. WOW what a woman you are. You are my inspiration.