Sunday, January 10, 2010

Senior Scouters show support

One cold rainy afternoon at Camp Urland, I led the Scouts in a scavenger hunt. My job was to pass out the list of things to find and to check the "finds" off as they brought them in to me.
I didn't make up the list, so imagine my apprehension when one of the items said to name the oldest staff member.
One of the boys came up to me very cautiously and asked,"Ma'am, I don't mean to be rude, but are you the oldest person on staff?"
Not admitting anything, I told him my birthday and sent him on his way.

Walter is a Scouter, (an adult leader) with many years of experience teaching rifle and shot gun shooting, and wood carving. He admitted to being "about 65" and had been Scouting since he was in Cub Scouts. He dropped out before making "Eagle" but has since given many years to Scouting.

Marvin was our oldest Scouter on Staff. Marvin is 82 years young and has worked in camp kitchens for more than 40 years. The cold and rain sent Marvin home early, so he was not in the "Ol' Geezer" competition.

Darlene was proud of her premature gray hair. She camped with her son and their troop on the hill, in the rain and cold. She was not in the Oldest staff competition although she's used to being so classified.
This is Susan, only 47, she didn't gualify eiether, but she is to be commended for assisting her son's troop and camping. These two ladies highly recommended Scouting for adults as a way to learn new skills and to be active in lives of their boys.

So who was the oldest Scouter on Staff?
You guessed. ME!
I am proud to be able to (try to) keep up with these youngsters. I continued to learn and enjoy the challenges.
Scouting celebrates 100 years of tradition and adventure this year. More than ever our boys need an awarness of the outdoors, opportunities to learn new skills, and the values of the Scout Promise and Scout Oath.
Let's get out children away from TV and the computer and into Nature.
Pray for me as we plan and prepare for rock climbing at Enchanted Rock.

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