Friday, September 04, 2009

Aug 22-30

This is Henry. He has a terminal brain tumor. We've been helping with major chores at their home in Wasilla. Sunday, his daughters surprised him (and us) at church with the mohawk wig. He wore it during the service and to his last chemo treatment on Monday. Who says Christians don't have fun?

Monday the Martins followed me to Anchorage to check out the generator on my rig. While in town we visited the Anchorage Art and History museum. The quilt show is an example of the excellent creative crafts done by Natives.

This 3-4 story totum is in the original entrance to the renevated musuem.

We spent Tuesday with mutual friends in Anchorage. Micky workes two weeks on and two weeks off on the North Slope. We met him at the airport as a surprise.
I took my rig back to the generator repair shop and waited for a new carborator to be sent from the Lower 48. After it was installed on Thursday I raced back to Palmer to check out our entries in the State Fair.
What a surprise! My loon wal hanging that had received a red ribbon in Delta, now had a blue and a purple "Best in Category" ribbon!

The birch bark loon hanging also received blue and purple ribbons. The beaded loon received a red.
Lynne's quilt and basket received ribbons and one of her baskets received a blue and purple.

A Tlingit painted totum pole greated us at the fair.

We went to gape at the huge vegetables grown here in the Mat-Su valley.

There were no world records this year, but I will list world records.

Cabbarge- 105 pounds. Lots of slaw!
World record watermellon weighed 168 pounds. This one was over 100 pounds.

World record pumpkin weighed 1,019 pounds!! These weighed around 800 pounds each. Thanksgiving pie for a crowd.

I have now idea how large this dalia was. Compared to Lynne's hand, what do you think! Flowers are abundant and glorious.

We joined the crowd to enjoy an equestian even. Look closely at the girl hanging by her foot on the side of the horse below.

I rushed back to Anchorage after a quick visit to the fair to speak to the Women on Mission group at first Baptist Church. (No pictures)
On Friday I held a book signing at the BX on Elemdorf Air Force Base. This was my second signing here.

Saturday I held another signing. This time at Pandemonium in Wasilla.

I've enjoyed using their wifi cafe and hope to be able to catch up!

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