Saturday, March 14, 2009

dogtober parade

Sassie and I braved the unseasonably cold damp weather to attend the
Beaumont Dog-tober celebration.
Postponed due to Ike until March, the festivities was a time of meeting folks and trying to take pictures of cute dogs, inspite of Sassie pulling on the leash as she tryed visit with all the other dogs.

Here we are visisting with Sparky the fire station mascot.

This little lady has the right idea.

I'm not sure the doggie below is very happy in her
but the poodle looks lovely.

All dressed up and ready to go. My camera batteries died before I could capture other fasinating pooches. What fun being a writer. Now if I can think of a story to incorporate the adorable dogs.


The Voice said...

I have often wondered if dogs behave when they are all together like that. There are many dogs parks here in Houston and yet I am afraid to bring Gracie. she is pretty obedient and have only had her around two other dogs (two weeks during storm) and my brother said she thought she was too human. Pretty much stayed away from the other dogs.

LKHarris-Kolp said...

Aww- I bet that was so cute- wish I would have known- Snowy and Jake would have had a grand time!