Thursday, February 05, 2009

body language for writers

I haven't had much luck with humans allowing me to study their body language, so after reading the book "Do Cats Think" I decided to analyze the three cats who dominate my home.

Frizbee, posing amoungst the books, seems to say, "Of course we think. Do you?"

Haughty Beowulf's posture says, "Why should I communicate with mere humans."

Grendel and Beowulf share a secret, "We exist to eat and sleep. Sometimes we allow humans to stroke our fur to vent their frustrations. and reduce stress."

"It 's obvious that we are intent on tracking that pesky squirrel.

Why won't someone let us out? We'll get him."

"Squirrel? What squirrel? All I see is birds."

" At the end of a tough day of posing for wanna-be writers and chasing off squirrels, it's time to relax. Resting is what cat's think about all day. Napping is what we do best."

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